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Poetry For Everyone

All Hands In

We need your support

Your help is needed. We are a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization. We rely on the generosity of our members and supporters to help fund and promote our society's mission to promote diversity and inclusion through poetry, public outreach, community, events and publications.

Help the SPSK to grow and engage with new audiences by making a donation today. Donate or become a sponsor by sending inquiries through our contact us section on the homepage. 

Community outreach is important to us. We strive to partner with local, national and international businesses and organizations for support and to assist our society through sponsorship opportunities. This generosity allows us to share poetry through workshops, educational training, contests, community building, publications, poetry readings, venues and other creative opportunities for the expression of diverse voices in poetry. Your support can make a difference. It can inspire the voiceless to speak, the marginalized dreamer to soar, inspire confidence and create a gift of literature that leads to success and acceptance. Through community engagement our world becomes a better place.

Discussing Books
Women Holding Hands

Community means

a place for All.

It is a bond of

courage, respect, empathy.

Community means inspiration.

Community means the rainbow

The spirit of surviving through unity.

Community means you

Community means me, sister, brother

Son, daughter, mother, father

In any language, place or time.

Embrace the glorious spectrum

Honor and respect that every light

Illuminates, elevates, inspires.

Community means you, me

Cor unum, one heart, one goal, unity.

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