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Greetings and welcome to the Sunflower Poetry Society's informational blog. This is safe space for creative expression and sharing ideas. This will serve as a platform for our community to connect as well as share educational resources, tips, articles of interests and announcements.

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When are you going to announce your Poetry Contest? I am a member and would like to participate.

Thank you,

Dr. Emory D. Jones

608 N. Pearl Street

Iuka, Mississippi 38852


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We are a new poetry group and have not established an annual contest. We were selected last November as the 33rd state poetry society of The National Federation of State Poetry Societies. Our focus has been on building and bonding as a group through sharing poetry and monthly workshops. We held a quarterly meeting in October to discuss new ideas and ways to spark interest/active participation. We would love to celebrate our first year anniversary with the announcement of a poetry contest ( or two). Additionally, we plan to sponsor contests during the 2024 season. This information will be forthcoming. I hope that you will consider joining us as a member for 2024 year. Our monthly workshops, poetry outreach…

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